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City orienteering competition, meeting 18-year-old Sheng Jian


  Encountering beauty along the way, "e" enterprises are heading towards the future. On September 16, on the occasion of the 18th anniversary of Shengjian's establishment, Shengjian, as a benchmark enterprise, participated in the 2023 "Industrial Bank Cup" Shanghai City hosted by Jiading Industrial Zone Amateur League - Jia Kun Tai City Orienteering Series Shanghai Jiading Industrial Zone Station.

  At 9 a.m. on the 16th, the event officially opened at the Jiading Industrial Zone Cultural Activity Center. First, the 2023 "Industrial Bank Cup" Shanghai City Amateur League Jia Kun Tai City Orienteering Series Organizing Committee awarded awards to the companies participating in the event. Sheng Jian won the "Special Contribution Award".




  At 9:15, as the game officially started, the Shengjian team was ready to go in the autumn rain, ready to face this competition of speed, strength and wisdom.










  The teams that completed the missions returned to the finish line one after another. The unfinished team members were still excitedly discussing how to play each mission point, congratulating, encouraging or learning from other teams. The finish line was bustling with excitement.

  Through this event, everyone expressed that they would take this event as an opportunity to actively devote themselves to work with a healthier body, a higher spirit, and a fuller state.

  Shengjian has always attached great importance to the cultural and sports life and physical health of its employees. It has opened a gym on the first floor of Shengjian Building to guide everyone to strengthen their body, cultivate their body and mind, develop good living habits, and maintain a healthy lifestyle after busy work. Vigorously create a healthy, progressive, united and enterprising atmosphere.


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