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Dragon Boat Festival | Shengjian holds special Dragon Boat Festival activities


The rice dumpling leaves are fragrant, the dragon boats are racing, and it’s the Dragon Boat Festival again. In order to thank all employees for their hard work for the company's development and to share the company's high-quality development results, with the earnest care and active organization of the company's leaders, Shanghai Shengjian held a Dragon Boat Festival heart-warming activity for all employees and their families, and at the same time Online live events have been prepared for out-of-town employees.




At 16:00 on June 16, the event was officially held at the employee home on the third floor of Shengjian Building. During the on-site sign-in, the company prepared a colorful rope for everyone to pray for Najib.


This event prepared four mini-games for the friends at the scene, including not only the traditional making of rice dumplings, throwing pots, and making sachets, but also the guessing game that tests the tacit understanding between the friends.


Making and eating rice dumplings is our traditional custom. Making rice dumplings on site also made everyone feel the strong traditional cultural atmosphere, reflected the traditional virtue of helping each other, and also enhanced everyone's deep understanding of the excellent Chinese culture.




As early as the Warring States Period, pot-throwing, a leisurely, peaceful and etiquette entertainment activity, emerged and developed. Throwing arrows at the pot will end with ten arrows. Pot throwing may seem simple, but it's actually very skillful. Every accurate hit will attract a burst of cheers, and every regretful pot will also attract a burst of regret.




When the Dragon Boat Festival comes, it is popular to wear sachets and purses. The friends learned about the customs of the Dragon Boat Festival and the origin of making sachets during the Dragon Boat Festival by watching the video, and learned how to make sachets on site.




In addition to the above traditional Dragon Boat Festival activities, there is also a comprehensive game that tests language description, body coordination, and team members' tacit understanding - "You draw and I guess". As partners who usually work side by side, the tacit understanding gradually increases in the game. .




In addition, non-local employees who participated in the event online also experienced three rounds of draws.



Online live broadcast winners list


The game is full of laughter and joy, but there are winners and losers in competition. According to the rules of the game, the team with the shortest total time wins. The leader will award everyone and take a group photo.



first prize



second prize



third prize


The fragrance of the Dragon Boat Festival rice dumplings makes you enjoy the festival happily. This activity not only allowed everyone to experience the traditional customs of Dragon Boat Festival culture and feel the strong traditional cultural atmosphere, but also enhanced mutual interaction and emotions, further enhancing the sense of honor, happiness and gain of all employees.


On the occasion of the Dragon Boat Festival, it is a hot summer day, and the company has also prepared a summer cooling gift package for all employees. All the sweat will not be wasted. The weather is getting hotter and hotter, so friends, don’t forget to prevent heatstroke and cool down!


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