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World Environment Day | Green & Technology are indispensable


June 5th is "World Environment Day". This is the 52nd World Environment Day. This year's theme is "Building a Modernization in which Man and Nature Live in Harmony."




my country's environmental protection industry revolution continues to deepen, and the green technology industry has become one of my country's important strategic emerging industries.


General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that we must firmly establish the concept that clear waters and lush mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains, guard the two bottom lines of development and ecology, and strive to find a new path of ecological priority and green development.


The government work report proposes to "promote the green transformation of the development model." "Improving policies to support green development, developing a circular economy, promoting conservation and intensive use of resources, promoting energy conservation and carbon reduction in key areas, and continuing to defend blue skies, clear water, and pure land."


Shengjian has always been committed to a better environment as its mission, continues to adhere to the development strategy of "industry extension + product extension", follows the pace of national industrial green transformation, and grasps the benefits brought by the national strategies of "green technology" and "pan-semiconductor industry localization" Market opportunities, create a five-in-one industrial value ecological chain of "R&D design + equipment manufacturing + system solutions + investment operations + key components and materials", hoping to develop into a world-leading green technology company through 30 years of efforts. Provide green services to Chinese technology companies and technology products to green enterprises.


In terms of production and construction support, we will accelerate the development of new product processes, upgrade and transform production lines, improve production line flexibility and manufacturing capabilities, and jointly build Jiangsu Shengjian and Xiaogan Shengjian into green equipment intelligent manufacturing centers; continue to deepen our own technology for Pan-Semiconductor Customers provide process waste gas treatment solutions and wet electronic chemical recycling and regeneration services, ultimately realizing circular economy and green production.


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